International Women’s Day is NOT TODAY!!!

Yes, It ain’t today

Well maybe I’m also included in the majority who fight for Women’s Equality and celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of women in past, present and future in a larger scale on just one day.It’s indeed Ironical

With the kicking off of a set day for Women, all empowering and campaigns flood the human species bringing women to the center stage on a day.Given the day to witness other successful women’s insight to life and empowering, Inspirational and highly concept-ed speeches to those who haven’t been so, for one day.

Whatever it is the topics discussed about Women’s role in the Human society and gender inequality faced are very Interesting. People online vote for those stuff, Soo many fancy programs. Did it make an effect? Can a day count to change such vast issues?

After reading all the above criticism and this same line too, proceed yourself to watch this video

So if you have watched it, You might have witnessed that today is much better than it had been for women before in the tees. And How much was it a result of a specified day reserved for Women? It’s almost Negligible. Because fighting for Equality,Recognition,Dignity,Independence,Leadership for Women all around the world is a responsibility of Everyone, Everyday.Indeed many female figures have fought in the past where it was much harder than today. And it wasn’t only on a Women’s day as such.

So my final point on this post having capabilities of infinite criticism, is change to your opinion.Change your view.Change your contribution to Social conventions undermining women. You are the change to Celebrate women Everyday!