Are we connected CORRECTLY?

Well almost everyone is up with their pieces of accounts on various social network sites today ranging from youngsters to grandpas. Social networks evolved to basically connect people throughout the world from distant boundaries, strangers and all sorts of humans, despite any criteria.

So my question is are we connected correctly?

Social networks give opportunities to their users to share about themselves, their lives, the key of expressing one’s self in order to socialize with anyone, but its way different in real life vs. in Social networks. At present as a time pass by, especially teens lock their eyes onto a screen to involve with a world behind a screen, that nobody might ever precisely know.

More than face to face relationships, users can fake their personality, identity and everything else.”Social networking is an arena where we can choose to show others only the beauties of life filtering out the odds and show elevated standards and fancy lifestyles. An insatiable greed has arisen to look good in other’s eyes and be validated.

We scroll down looking at other people’s lavish looking lifestyles for hours, not giving time to think about our own life and to improve our standards in real life. Ingratiating with all the materialistic stuff is the trend. It’s a competition.

We share, others share, but we are more keen to know about the other’s standards of living and to compare with our miserable ones or rarely feel the vice versa or maybe just feel happy for them. Not all have such feelings of comparison though.

Yet in the process of sharing, bogus attitudes develop.

You bought an expensive thing? here’s it on the internet “cuz I need to tell everyone I own it now, you see, I own this and you need to see how blessed I am to own it, and now my standards just raised, booyah!”

Trust me you don’t need to tell the whole world everything to get validated or to win any other conception you have. Are you trying to elevate yourself, aren’t you? Is this how you believe you should be perceived in order to be more socialized in the arena of social networks?

These bogus attitudes indeed psychologically affect the “unblessed” or “lower lifestyled” people in deleterious ways. They stress out witnessing the load of materialistic possessions other got no matter how many times you say “Be happy with what you have” cuz let’s be real, who doesn’t want to see him/herself in a better standard.Logo-Canvas-Color-BG

Unhealthy consequences of connecting with people over social networks are growing massively in reports. There are Flat screen faced people who even turn out to prefer messaging over a face to face chat with even the boy/girl next door. Autismic behavioural patterns are seen. Verbal weaknesses and lack of healthy fruitful conversations are also drawbacks where we get back to our question, are we really connected correctly?

Yet we also get a chance to meet new people, share ideas and opinions, be in contact with people who are now physically apart, get feed about your celebrity attractions and much more.So in a way we connect with the world healthily.

yet after all it is quite evident that we are developing antisocial attitudes and behavioural patterns while using these social networks

It is your responsibility to use social networks in a very social friendly way.And to prefer it secondly under verbal communication and face to face interactions