Any Time for Emotions?

So folks,did you enjoy your day? was it busy enough? Did u have any Emotions?

well I know the answer for the last question which is yes unless you are dead, well even if you are you will not get through my question. But when stepping to a modified version of the last question as ” Did you have enough Emotions for today?” I guess its more of a no.

But why?

It’s because we have indulged ourselves in work.Showered our minds with trending lifestyles, Covered ourselves with busyness. It was a wonder for me too, for selecting such a topic.But  it was while travelling between cities for work that I was pondering about my day of going here and there Emotionless.

At-least the major emotions of Happiness,Sadness nor Love were within me for the while, with my mind constantly running over documents, the roadway and the to-do-list.

What are we doing? At-last yes it counts

Yet a life without bearing vivid emotions, A day spent without your loved ones much,Doesn’t it count in your life? Don’t you feel such a day was Emotionally wasted?

It’s true that the fittest survives,but did you forget about your emotions? Don’t you need to be fit in your emotions as well as the ultimate driving force of Money,perhaps more?

Rather going onn troubling that poor mind for an answer for a past,try to have an emotion filled future with resolutions .