And Then…

Was born amidst well wishes of kin

amidst friends and onlookers worth a pin

Back then was enlightening their indirect lives

and then here it is on a world of lies

questioning the worth of your life

not even good to wed as a husband or wife

and thus the sad juxtaposition

unveils maybe of intuition


they say children of this age

should watch tv, play and engage

as this youth will never come back again

and if not you’ll look back in tears and pain

and then they say this youth is to thrive

in the never uncuffed education gyve

for the best careers in life

big goals to dress in suit and tie

by working with no break cuz simply sacrifice


this youth is to be sexy, drunk and wild

cuz YOLO, dont be a p***y  just get on and grind !

pose for the pictures that’ll be highlights in time

with elegant clothes covering the scorched skin just like that smile

and then go home and think for a while

maybe for the rest of the whole life

bout the transitory joy with all fabrications/fabricators

and no one to listen to what’s desired, no slit for diffraction.

Withered flowers unblossomed undiscovered








Fallen stars

Doomed skies

Ain’t a silver lining

Even now in these darkest times.

The Universe got many more

Stars, for the rest of it

And the white dwarf

Trying it’s best to survive.

Behind the smiles to radiate light

Behind every rotation

Behind everything it does to hold up

It dies. It cries. Gets consumed.

A once star,

Yet a star In the blind eyes


i feel …

my heart ‘s numb

my brain ‘s in a fight

thinking bout sad plights

and realities of  teenage muddles


i feel  good for nothing today

a failure in all aspects

a stupendous dreamer

but a piece of trash who’s incapable of every single of it ..


be on top of the world

be the best be the unique

dismally I’m the jack of all trades

but master of none


million dollar dreams

mammoth scale goals

sitting hunched down



a loner a loser

a just intelligent but a genius

a hustler in dreams

a bully a bullied

a hypocrite an egoistic

a disqualified

unipolar, bipolar or multipolar

i don’t even know…


maybe its me

maybe its you

maybe its the people from past

ultimately one sighs sans being


to what you and i set


i am the gravity for my guillotine

not knowing answers to the questions.

daydreaming miracles

which aren’t for a loser


some roses are yellower than the rest

gives reasons to smile harder

makes me forget the sad realities.

but i wonder if themselves are a reality as well

which would fade like the rest in past


feels like life’s like a ride on the highway

no street lamp enlightens through the entire course of the way……

and maybe  you are the loser with no headlights

mask on

f**k it mask off


Hello world!

Hey Im Ranod Madushith (Mazkrin).Just started with blogging after i was given an idea of, by a special  person.

So let me introduce myself.I’m from Sri Lanka and 16 in age.I’m interested in music,youtubers,arts and very much of science.Studious and interested in finding new stuff and learning something new.Curious of new experiences, places and adventures.

well about my writing,is least discovered by me. Before becoming judgmental of it, i believe there should be some of it though and guess blogging will help to put my thoughts into understandable words by humans.

so lemme start from the zero 🙂 #zerotohero