And Then…

Was born amidst well wishes of kin

amidst friends and onlookers worth a pin

Back then was enlightening their indirect lives

and then here it is on a world of lies

questioning the worth of your life

not even good to wed as a husband or wife

and thus the sad juxtaposition

unveils maybe of intuition


they say children of this age

should watch tv, play and engage

as this youth will never come back again

and if not you’ll look back in tears and pain

and then they say this youth is to thrive

in the never uncuffed education gyve

for the best careers in life

big goals to dress in suit and tie

by working with no break cuz simply sacrifice


this youth is to be sexy, drunk and wild

cuz YOLO, dont be a p***y  just get on and grind !

pose for the pictures that’ll be highlights in time

with elegant clothes covering the scorched skin just like that smile

and then go home and think for a while

maybe for the rest of the whole life

bout the transitory joy with all fabrications/fabricators

and no one to listen to what’s desired, no slit for diffraction.

Withered flowers unblossomed undiscovered







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