i feel …

my heart ‘s numb

my brain ‘s in a fight

thinking bout sad plights

and realities of  teenage muddles


i feel  good for nothing today

a failure in all aspects

a stupendous dreamer

but a piece of trash who’s incapable of every single of it ..


be on top of the world

be the best be the unique

dismally I’m the jack of all trades

but master of none


million dollar dreams

mammoth scale goals

sitting hunched down



a loner a loser

a just intelligent but a genius

a hustler in dreams

a bully a bullied

a hypocrite an egoistic

a disqualified

unipolar, bipolar or multipolar

i don’t even know…


maybe its me

maybe its you

maybe its the people from past

ultimately one sighs sans being


to what you and i set


i am the gravity for my guillotine

not knowing answers to the questions.

daydreaming miracles

which aren’t for a loser


some roses are yellower than the rest

gives reasons to smile harder

makes me forget the sad realities.

but i wonder if themselves are a reality as well

which would fade like the rest in past


feels like life’s like a ride on the highway

no street lamp enlightens through the entire course of the way……

and maybe  you are the loser with no headlights

mask on

f**k it mask off


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