Fashionista ?

Got the new outfit ready, got the makeup on, got em numerous poses and then goes click click click and now looking ultra flawless in digital pixels than in real life. #blessed #OOTDimages (2)

Clothes were originally made to cover the body.It is known as an item worn to cover the body.But clothing has gradually evolved from its ancient only purpose, to a whole base of trendy, creative self expressing mode. Fashion is born where these clothing manners become a trend

kendall-kylie-jenner-shade-bbma-2015Fashion in terms of physical appearance means a popular or latest style of clothing,hair or decoration. Trying out new fashions is good. It can make someone feel more comfortable and happy about themselves.Celebrities are looked upon to be trendsetters of fashion.To be wearing new, expensive, branded clothing.Its a part of their lifestyle and profession. But today almost everyone imitate celebrity lifestyles.

At present, it’s hard to find a person who isn’t a user of social media, where one’s life s for public viewing in the name of sharing and “socializing”. We post pictures of us at different places with different outfits and the whole world sees our outfits. There arises an extra pressure to have a new look for each and every “next picture”.

It’s hard to find a person’s social media pics with the same outfit twice, because after all socialLondon-Event-Photographer-Party-Photography-featuremedia lets you to choose the evens for public view and hide the odds than in real life. Event photography has also evolved along with fashionable outfits coming to cynosure, at any event in today’s world. Hence here is another pressure to wear new outfits , cuz the next time you see that picture you posed with your Friend is on your Facebook wall, tagged and already with likes!

Social conventions have been born which downgrades unfashionability in the modern-day.

you wore the same dress that you wore at your mom’s brother’s wife’s sister’s wedding also at dad’s sister’s daughter’s wedding? even the 12-year-old cousin will be noticing your dress from the pictures posted on social media.images

Social media trends such as #OOTD (Outfit Of The day), #CasualFriday etc urges people to wear new clothing and be ‘trendy’ on social media. These trends psychologically affects the impoverished or who have better priorities to be fulfilled.

There are many teen magazines out there which mainly focuses on seasonal fashions, beauty etc.Seventeen magazine Indeed it’ll be nice to have a fashionable generation , but yet not everybody can afford the ever raising “fashion standards”

Especially teens are more into developing their character and personality and clothing is at the top of their list. Teens are desperate to imitate celebrity lifestyles.buys expensive clothing to cope up with the fashion standards with peers. We rarely see that we ourselves make standards and try our level best to be in those standards or pass them creating higher standards than before. It is very evident the desperation of the teens with the hashtags they use in today’s posts ; #Branded, #Blessed, #Blessedtoaffordluxury etc.

Being fashionable once again is nice, but a desperate fashionista? Naaah my friend.

You walking in d hallway with heels that makes you a giraffe, making the tok…… tok…… tok……noise while i’m trying to learn photosynthesis in class? Girl…Your fashion standard is a disturbance and straight up violating my right for education. School,workplace ain’t a fashion show and the hallway ain’t a runway!

So we shouldn’t pass our limits and be overfashionable. Dress neat and tidy suiting the occasions. Neither to go beach with your formal wear and to an interview with a tank top.

Be fashionable but stop making unnecessary fashion standards. Reduce judging the “unblessed” people who can’t afford the luxury you do. Stop downgrading your peers for their fashion stand points. Don’t create a box and fire up the people outta it.

There are many more things to be bothered about, than fashion to develop yourself than you think.

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