And Then…

Was born amidst well wishes of kin

amidst friends and onlookers worth a pin

Back then was enlightening their indirect lives

and then here it is on a world of lies

questioning the worth of your life

not even good to wed as a husband or wife

and thus the sad juxtaposition

unveils maybe of intuition


they say children of this age

should watch tv, play and engage

as this youth will never come back again

and if not you’ll look back in tears and pain

and then they say this youth is to thrive

in the never uncuffed education gyve

for the best careers in life

big goals to dress in suit and tie

by working with no break cuz simply sacrifice


this youth is to be sexy, drunk and wild

cuz YOLO, dont be a p***y  just get on and grind !

pose for the pictures that’ll be highlights in time

with elegant clothes covering the scorched skin just like that smile

and then go home and think for a while

maybe for the rest of the whole life

bout the transitory joy with all fabrications/fabricators

and no one to listen to what’s desired, no slit for diffraction.

Withered flowers unblossomed undiscovered








Fallen stars

Doomed skies

Ain’t a silver lining

Even now in these darkest times.

The Universe got many more

Stars, for the rest of it

And the white dwarf

Trying it’s best to survive.

Behind the smiles to radiate light

Behind every rotation

Behind everything it does to hold up

It dies. It cries. Gets consumed.

A once star,

Yet a star In the blind eyes


i feel …

my heart ‘s numb

my brain ‘s in a fight

thinking bout sad plights

and realities of  teenage muddles


i feel  good for nothing today

a failure in all aspects

a stupendous dreamer

but a piece of trash who’s incapable of every single of it ..


be on top of the world

be the best be the unique

dismally I’m the jack of all trades

but master of none


million dollar dreams

mammoth scale goals

sitting hunched down



a loner a loser

a just intelligent but a genius

a hustler in dreams

a bully a bullied

a hypocrite an egoistic

a disqualified

unipolar, bipolar or multipolar

i don’t even know…


maybe its me

maybe its you

maybe its the people from past

ultimately one sighs sans being


to what you and i set


i am the gravity for my guillotine

not knowing answers to the questions.

daydreaming miracles

which aren’t for a loser


some roses are yellower than the rest

gives reasons to smile harder

makes me forget the sad realities.

but i wonder if themselves are a reality as well

which would fade like the rest in past


feels like life’s like a ride on the highway

no street lamp enlightens through the entire course of the way……

and maybe  you are the loser with no headlights

mask on

f**k it mask off


Fashionista ?

Got the new outfit ready, got the makeup on, got em numerous poses and then goes click click click and now looking ultra flawless in digital pixels than in real life. #blessed #OOTDimages (2)

Clothes were originally made to cover the body.It is known as an item worn to cover the body.But clothing has gradually evolved from its ancient only purpose, to a whole base of trendy, creative self expressing mode. Fashion is born where these clothing manners become a trend

kendall-kylie-jenner-shade-bbma-2015Fashion in terms of physical appearance means a popular or latest style of clothing,hair or decoration. Trying out new fashions is good. It can make someone feel more comfortable and happy about themselves.Celebrities are looked upon to be trendsetters of fashion.To be wearing new, expensive, branded clothing.Its a part of their lifestyle and profession. But today almost everyone imitate celebrity lifestyles.

At present, it’s hard to find a person who isn’t a user of social media, where one’s life s for public viewing in the name of sharing and “socializing”. We post pictures of us at different places with different outfits and the whole world sees our outfits. There arises an extra pressure to have a new look for each and every “next picture”.

It’s hard to find a person’s social media pics with the same outfit twice, because after all socialLondon-Event-Photographer-Party-Photography-featuremedia lets you to choose the evens for public view and hide the odds than in real life. Event photography has also evolved along with fashionable outfits coming to cynosure, at any event in today’s world. Hence here is another pressure to wear new outfits , cuz the next time you see that picture you posed with your Friend is on your Facebook wall, tagged and already with likes!

Social conventions have been born which downgrades unfashionability in the modern-day.

you wore the same dress that you wore at your mom’s brother’s wife’s sister’s wedding also at dad’s sister’s daughter’s wedding? even the 12-year-old cousin will be noticing your dress from the pictures posted on social media.images

Social media trends such as #OOTD (Outfit Of The day), #CasualFriday etc urges people to wear new clothing and be ‘trendy’ on social media. These trends psychologically affects the impoverished or who have better priorities to be fulfilled.

There are many teen magazines out there which mainly focuses on seasonal fashions, beauty etc.Seventeen magazine Indeed it’ll be nice to have a fashionable generation , but yet not everybody can afford the ever raising “fashion standards”

Especially teens are more into developing their character and personality and clothing is at the top of their list. Teens are desperate to imitate celebrity lifestyles.buys expensive clothing to cope up with the fashion standards with peers. We rarely see that we ourselves make standards and try our level best to be in those standards or pass them creating higher standards than before. It is very evident the desperation of the teens with the hashtags they use in today’s posts ; #Branded, #Blessed, #Blessedtoaffordluxury etc.

Being fashionable once again is nice, but a desperate fashionista? Naaah my friend.

You walking in d hallway with heels that makes you a giraffe, making the tok…… tok…… tok……noise while i’m trying to learn photosynthesis in class? Girl…Your fashion standard is a disturbance and straight up violating my right for education. School,workplace ain’t a fashion show and the hallway ain’t a runway!

So we shouldn’t pass our limits and be overfashionable. Dress neat and tidy suiting the occasions. Neither to go beach with your formal wear and to an interview with a tank top.

Be fashionable but stop making unnecessary fashion standards. Reduce judging the “unblessed” people who can’t afford the luxury you do. Stop downgrading your peers for their fashion stand points. Don’t create a box and fire up the people outta it.

There are many more things to be bothered about, than fashion to develop yourself than you think.

Are we connected CORRECTLY?

Well almost everyone is up with their pieces of accounts on various social network sites today ranging from youngsters to grandpas. Social networks evolved to basically connect people throughout the world from distant boundaries, strangers and all sorts of humans, despite any criteria.

So my question is are we connected correctly?

Social networks give opportunities to their users to share about themselves, their lives, the key of expressing one’s self in order to socialize with anyone, but its way different in real life vs. in Social networks. At present as a time pass by, especially teens lock their eyes onto a screen to involve with a world behind a screen, that nobody might ever precisely know.

More than face to face relationships, users can fake their personality, identity and everything else.”Social networking is an arena where we can choose to show others only the beauties of life filtering out the odds and show elevated standards and fancy lifestyles. An insatiable greed has arisen to look good in other’s eyes and be validated.

We scroll down looking at other people’s lavish looking lifestyles for hours, not giving time to think about our own life and to improve our standards in real life. Ingratiating with all the materialistic stuff is the trend. It’s a competition.

We share, others share, but we are more keen to know about the other’s standards of living and to compare with our miserable ones or rarely feel the vice versa or maybe just feel happy for them. Not all have such feelings of comparison though.

Yet in the process of sharing, bogus attitudes develop.

You bought an expensive thing? here’s it on the internet “cuz I need to tell everyone I own it now, you see, I own this and you need to see how blessed I am to own it, and now my standards just raised, booyah!”

Trust me you don’t need to tell the whole world everything to get validated or to win any other conception you have. Are you trying to elevate yourself, aren’t you? Is this how you believe you should be perceived in order to be more socialized in the arena of social networks?

These bogus attitudes indeed psychologically affect the “unblessed” or “lower lifestyled” people in deleterious ways. They stress out witnessing the load of materialistic possessions other got no matter how many times you say “Be happy with what you have” cuz let’s be real, who doesn’t want to see him/herself in a better standard.Logo-Canvas-Color-BG

Unhealthy consequences of connecting with people over social networks are growing massively in reports. There are Flat screen faced people who even turn out to prefer messaging over a face to face chat with even the boy/girl next door. Autismic behavioural patterns are seen. Verbal weaknesses and lack of healthy fruitful conversations are also drawbacks where we get back to our question, are we really connected correctly?

Yet we also get a chance to meet new people, share ideas and opinions, be in contact with people who are now physically apart, get feed about your celebrity attractions and much more.So in a way we connect with the world healthily.

yet after all it is quite evident that we are developing antisocial attitudes and behavioural patterns while using these social networks

It is your responsibility to use social networks in a very social friendly way.And to prefer it secondly under verbal communication and face to face interactions


International Women’s Day is NOT TODAY!!!

Yes, It ain’t today

Well maybe I’m also included in the majority who fight for Women’s Equality and celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of women in past, present and future in a larger scale on just one day.It’s indeed Ironical

With the kicking off of a set day for Women, all empowering and campaigns flood the human species bringing women to the center stage on a day.Given the day to witness other successful women’s insight to life and empowering, Inspirational and highly concept-ed speeches to those who haven’t been so, for one day.

Whatever it is the topics discussed about Women’s role in the Human society and gender inequality faced are very Interesting. People online vote for those stuff, Soo many fancy programs. Did it make an effect? Can a day count to change such vast issues?

After reading all the above criticism and this same line too, proceed yourself to watch this video

So if you have watched it, You might have witnessed that today is much better than it had been for women before in the tees. And How much was it a result of a specified day reserved for Women? It’s almost Negligible. Because fighting for Equality,Recognition,Dignity,Independence,Leadership for Women all around the world is a responsibility of Everyone, Everyday.Indeed many female figures have fought in the past where it was much harder than today. And it wasn’t only on a Women’s day as such.

So my final point on this post having capabilities of infinite criticism, is change to your opinion.Change your view.Change your contribution to Social conventions undermining women. You are the change to Celebrate women Everyday!


Any Time for Emotions?

So folks,did you enjoy your day? was it busy enough? Did u have any Emotions?

well I know the answer for the last question which is yes unless you are dead, well even if you are you will not get through my question. But when stepping to a modified version of the last question as ” Did you have enough Emotions for today?” I guess its more of a no.

But why?

It’s because we have indulged ourselves in work.Showered our minds with trending lifestyles, Covered ourselves with busyness. It was a wonder for me too, for selecting such a topic.But  it was while travelling between cities for work that I was pondering about my day of going here and there Emotionless.

At-least the major emotions of Happiness,Sadness nor Love were within me for the while, with my mind constantly running over documents, the roadway and the to-do-list.

What are we doing? At-last yes it counts

Yet a life without bearing vivid emotions, A day spent without your loved ones much,Doesn’t it count in your life? Don’t you feel such a day was Emotionally wasted?

It’s true that the fittest survives,but did you forget about your emotions? Don’t you need to be fit in your emotions as well as the ultimate driving force of Money,perhaps more?

Rather going onn troubling that poor mind for an answer for a past,try to have an emotion filled future with resolutions .

Hello world!

Hey Im Ranod Madushith (Mazkrin).Just started with blogging after i was given an idea of, by a special  person.

So let me introduce myself.I’m from Sri Lanka and 16 in age.I’m interested in music,youtubers,arts and very much of science.Studious and interested in finding new stuff and learning something new.Curious of new experiences, places and adventures.

well about my writing,is least discovered by me. Before becoming judgmental of it, i believe there should be some of it though and guess blogging will help to put my thoughts into understandable words by humans.

so lemme start from the zero 🙂 #zerotohero